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Bill Wiese

In November, 1998 Bill Wiese was involved in an out-of-body experience that fell under the classification of a vision (as described in 2 Corinthians 12:1-2). In that experience, the Lord took Bill to hell even though he had been a Christian for 28 years. Afterwards, Bill began studying the subject of hell to determine if what he had seen first-hand could be backed up in God’s Word.

Based on his experience and love for God’s Word, Bill spent the next eight years studying hell in-depth and starting a ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2006, his book 23 Minutes in Hell was published, and Bill and his wife continue to follow the Lord’s leading to impact the lives of Believers. It is their desire to see “at least one billion souls come to Christ and a healthy, reverential fear of the Lord restored to the Church.”