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Gerard Sybers

One afternoon in December, 1993 Gerard Sybers started to feel ill. He was later taken to the hospital by paramedics when they were unable to revive him at home. After being given a dose of medicine at the hospital which resulted in an allergic reaction, Gerard went into anaphylactic shock and swallowed his tongue.

What he remembers from this event is praying and immediately seeing three angels who lifted him and carried him up. They relayed to Gerard, without speaking, that they were taking him to “the city of the Great King.” Almost immediately he saw the Great King who embraced him as though he were a long-lost beloved son.

When Gerard was asked if he would like to stay, he responded that he would, but was then told he needed to return to the world where he “would do great work.”

Gerard now tells everyone about his experience and feels that he is undeserving to have been in the Great King’s presence.