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Trudy Harris

Trudy Harris knows first-hand that there’s far more to death than merely ceasing to live. As a Hospice nurse for more than 22 years, she’s cared for more than 40 patients who witnessed an incredible glimpse of Heaven as they neared the final hours and days of their time here on earth.

These patients allowed the veil of Heaven to be pulled back so they could enter — albeit briefly — and then return to share their experience with her, which she captured in the pages of her book, Glimpses of Heaven.

Trudy writes that, “As the physical body declines, the spiritual self becomes apparent and seems to yearn in a real and tangible way for someone or something greater than itself.”

Through her eye-witness encounters, Trudy firmly believes that most dying people come to experience unconditional love when they return “home,” a point that’s been supported by the repeated testimonies of her patients.